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How hiring has changed in the digital age

Over the past dozen years, as technology and digital capabilities have advanced, hiring has drastically changed. Where 50 years ago job ads were published in newspapers and plastered ...

Published: 03/01/2023



Over the past dozen years, as technology and digital capabilities have advanced, hiring has drastically changed. Where 50 years ago job ads were published in newspapers and plastered in prominent places in stores, or spread by word of mouth, today everything happens online.

CVs were faxed and mailed, sometimes even carried on site, and the only way to contact a candidate was by landline. With the help of technology, all that has changed. Finding talent is now just a click away, and candidates can send their CV from anywhere in the world. The advent of the home office has brought about many more changes for the benefit of workers but has presented employers with major challenges.  

However, most UK businesses have now fully adapted and can manage their employees even if they are not based in the country. This flexibility allows many talents around the world to find their professional place and develop without moving to live in the UK.

Find out what else has changed in the recruitment world in this article!

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Many small and large companies in the UK are using ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to actively participate and receive recruitment assistance. This system stores online all the necessary documents that applicants provide when applying.

ATS makes it easy for businesses by helping them to gather information in just a few clicks, organise applicants by category and filter them according to the needs of the specific position. What else does this system do? It scans and stores CVs and personal data in a huge database that is completely secure. Automatically filters out candidates who don't meet your requirements and allows you to focus on those who deserve your attention.   

There is another main reason that makes companies choose APS - it's the large scale of work that the system allows. The more candidates and their details that are recorded, the more likely you are to find the best talent for your team.

Online interviews are the new normal

Who would want to waste hours commuting to and from a workplace to go to a job interview? With the help of the digital world, you don't even have to move from your couch at home anymore. Everything happens online - so you save a tremendous amount of time and effort interviewing candidates for a position at your company.

Interviewing on platforms such as Zoom, Outmatch, Google Hangouts, etc. are preferred by many Brits who would choose the comfort of home to interview with their prospective employers. And this is quite normal considering the events of the last two years. This way of conducting interviews a lot of time and can reduce stress on the part of the candidate as he would feel much more confident and relaxed on his own territory.

Online interviews allow employers to sift through the candidates for a position more easily, and if they wish, they can conduct a live interview with only the top performers.


Brand reputation is essential

If years ago you didn't pay as much attention to what people thought of your brand or company, today it's essential. Why? To date, employees have become increasingly selective about the companies they apply to work for. They research each place beforehand, read reviews about it and only then click the "Send my application" button.

Millennials and Gen Z are concrete example, and they care deeply about your company's reputation - what your mission and values are, how you treat your employees, whether you offer a competitive salary, and much more. Attitude comes first because it can completely change the work environment and make even the most pleasant job dreadful.  

This is the reason you should take an interest in your reputation and constantly strive to improve it. To attract the best candidates, you need to work on the messages your company leaves behind. Keep an eye out for negative employee reviews and always solicit feedback from them to find out what you need to work on.

AI's gaining popularity

Artificial intelligence is changing the game! Chatbots are increasingly the preferred option for improving business processes and distributing tasks that would require too much time and effort for a single employee to perform.

AI is emerging as a recruitment tool and with its help, employers can easily vet their candidates and select the best one. This is done through automated processes that analyse profiles and save you time. They monitor the overall online presence of the candidate and decide if he is suitable for the position.  

Of course, AI could not replace the key role of HR professionals, but it would be an immense help to companies that don't have the ability to work with such professionals.

Job Search Websites help a lot in talent search

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To be successful, you need to know how to make the most out of the new digital age. With the help of automated processes, AI and job search websites, you will make the recruitment process an extremely easy and enjoyable one that saves time and effort.  

If you still need further assistance, we at Jobbri are here to help! Explore all the possibilities on our platform and get started with your talent search now.