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Finding your dream job?

That’s easier than ever!

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Getting started

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Welcome to Jobbri! Let’s see how can we help you find your Job.

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Get a professional looking CV

Jobbri’s CV Builder lets you create a professional CV by filling your information and then choosing from a variety of CV designs to get the look you want.

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Find Jobs and Filter them

Jobbri lets you choose the types of jobs you want to see. You can filter them by a certain criteria such as by Location, Industry, Work place (on-site or remote), Salary and others. When you find an interesting job advert, you can apply right away!

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The employer can find you

Unlike traditional Job seeking platforms, here on Jobbri, the employer is able to see you and directly invite you to take the position.

Here are more features that you can use for your Job Seek Journey

  • You can save jobs and follow them throughout the recruiting process.
  • You’ll get notification and an invitation when it’s time for your interview.
  • The company can message you directly with our Jobbri Messages feature.
  • Every month you can explore different resources with tips & tricks for how to find your dream job.
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Finding your Job

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How to find my Job on Jobbri?

Set up your Talent Profile

Here you can fill out your Personal Information, Work Experience, Education and some preferences of yourself, i.e. Location, Salary and others. Add a proper profile picture and you are good to go!

CV Builder

After you’ve filled the required info, go to My CV section on your profile and Generate the CV you deserve. Beautifully made templates, which correspond with your personality.

Job Search Engine

Search for Jobs the right way. Filter out the “not for me” adverts and choose the right job for which you can apply later.

The Job List

The Job Adverts will be structured, based on your filters and you will see only jobs appropriate for you.

Apply to a Job Advert

The application process is just easy as “Apply now”. If the company doesn’t have additional requirements, the info from your Talent Profile is going to be enough.

Jobs you’ve applied for

Let your brain rest! We handled that with our Jobs applied for List. You can see them all there.

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And that’s it! Ready to find your Job?

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Explore the companies

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How to find the right company for me?

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Use the Search Engine

On Jobbri we’ve integrated our so called “Companies Search Engine”, where you can search for companies based on your requirements.

Check out the Companies

After specifying your requirements and filtering the companies you’ll get a list with the best-matching options, of which you can choose from.

Wait… That’s not everything

Company Profile

When you select a company, you will see all of the info which may be important for you i.e. History, Mission, Vision and others.

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Congrats! You just did your
Jobbri Beginner Course!