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6 tips on writing the best job advert

Want to attract new talents to your team? What is the first thing you will do in order to achieve that? That’s right! You will post a job ad. A well-written job advertisement

Published: 02/01/2023

Want to attract new talents to your team? What is the first thing you will do in order to achieve that? That’s right! You will post a job ad.

A well-written job advertisement will not only help you get professionals to apply for the position, but will also promote your company and build a strong presence on job search websites.

Before you start writing your ad, try thinking from your future employee’s perspective. What information would you like to read? What interests you about the advertised position? Only after doing this, can you continue writing. In this article Jobbri will share 6 tips on how to write the best job advertisement.

First impressions count

If you want to position yourself well in each of the job search engines, you need to get the attention of the right people. If you are looking for a highly qualified candidate, then your job advertisement should make an exceptionally good impression on everyone who reads it.

The more effort you put into creating the ad and sharing the most essential information possible, the better chance you have of attracting the right person. Remember that the first impression is always the most important.

Create content that is well-positioned

Just like your LinkedIn or Instagram business account, your ad needs to be well-positioned in order to reach the right candidates. Think about the keywords and reference points that candidates will enter in the search engine.

The easiest option is to choose popular keywords that have a good reach and use them to improve your rankings. Explain in detail what you are looking for, what the requirements are and what you offer in return. Make sure not to go overboard with words, because no one likes to read ads that are too long.

You could also use sponsored ads - a service that many search engines offer. Check out all the available opportunities for posting job ads on Jobbri.

Engage the candidate 

Your job advertisement must look appealing to the candidate. This includes interesting text, attractive remuneration and clearly described requirements for the position. To achieve this, you need to decide in advance what information you are going to include.

Oftentimes you may come across interesting job adverts that are different from the standard ones, but these are the main things to look out for:

· First paragraph - Description of the position

· Second paragraph - What distinguishes this job from others in this field

· Third paragraph - What are the requirements for the candidate

· Fourth paragraph - What your company has to offer

· Fifth paragraph - call to action (CTA)

Many companies rely on more creative ads that differ from the classic ones. Whatever you decide about the content of your ad, it’s important to know that the candidate must be engaged by the text, and he must answer his questions.


The secret is in the formatting

Want to know the secret of the perfect job advertisement? It’s the formatting! An effective ad is short, clear, and contains the most essential information that a candidate may be interested in. Many people use their phones to scroll through job sites, so the text should be well-formed, divided into short paragraphs that will not strain the eye. The other crucial part are the keywords and word combinations - they help the candidates when looking for ads and that way you will be able to position yourself better.

If you want your ad to look more attractive, go for an interesting template or color coding, graphics and a font that will immediately grab people’s attention. If you wish, you can make the ad a play on words or a logical task for the candidate to solve. This will help you sort out the best people but you’re also guaranteed to have fun while doing it.

Use creative visualizations

The best thing about job ads is that they can clearly reflect the views and goals of your company. If you want to stick to creativity, use appropriate visualizations for added effect. They can be graphic elements, photos etc., depending on what the platform allows. This way you will gain the attention of candidates who love creativity and tend to trust an employer/company who knows how to present themselves online.

Be transparent and trust Jobbri with the search for the dream candidate

Transparency is a requirement that many candidates have for their new employers. This approach is different from the basic ones, but according to experts it will attract highly qualified candidates. At Jobbri you will find great features and functionalities that will help you create the perfect job advertisement. In our platform you will find a variety of talent that could be great new additions to your team.




We would conclude that creating an excellent job advertisement is a complex task that you need to prepare for in advance. With our tips, you'll know where to start and how to create content that will impress people and answer their questions.

Finding a candidate with the skills, qualifications and character that meet your requirements and those of the position can be extremely difficult, but with Jobbri’s help it will be a cakewalk. See how and where to post your ad in Jobbri.