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6 key things to look for in every CV

You go through a few CVs every day, and it looks like they're never ending? We know that feeling. What if we told you there were a few basic things you should always look at in an autobiography?

Published: 10/02/2023

You go through a few CVs every day, and it looks like they're never ending? We know that feeling. What if we told you there were a few basic things you should always look at in an autobiography?

That's right! Instead of wasting a lot of time reading each line, you might want to look at a few basic things that will help you get a clear idea of each candidate. Keywords are a big part of a CV, so don't forget to check for them too.

A well-structured, personalized CV will help you understand more about the qualities of the candidate, what experience he has and why he/she is suitable for the position you offer. In this article, we'll tell you the 6 basic things to pay attention to when reviewing CVs.

1. Knows how to manage his time

Every job you offer will require effective time management. Each employee must arrive on time for work and carry out their tasks within the deadlines set.

To find out if a candidate is able to manage their time well, check out examples of their great time management skills. Have they achieved their goals on time? Did they carry out their tasks during their previous job?

You can ask candidates for references from previous employers, where you will immediately find out if this person knows how to manage his time. If you go to an interview, you can ask them more questions about this topic. If they've struggled with time management in the past, how did they manage to fight them? How exactly did they do that?

These things will help you get a clear idea of whether this candidate is a fit for your position or not.

2. Knows how to adapt to different environments and situations

Adaptability is a quality that many people in senior positions possess. It helps us to deal with difficult and unfamiliar situations, as well as to easily join a new group of people, in this case - colleagues.

It's a quality you should definitely look for in your candidates. The way a person reacts to a situation is crucial when choosing a new team member for your company. It reflects how calm these people can be at a tense time and how this will contribute to the work of the whole team.

Look for highlighted adaptability skills in the candidate's qualities. People who know what you're looking for will necessarily add that quality to their CV.

6 key things to look for in every CV

3. Has different professional qualifications

Having different professional qualifications is a good sign for most applicants because it shows their desire to learn and develop in different fields. This can be of great help to your company, as this person can advise and help you in different departments. That is, to be suitable for several positions.

These qualifications may include all online courses that the applicant has completed, as well as seminars he has attended. Lately, it has become more fashionable to add several diplomas from online schools to our CV, such as a certificate in digital marketing, graphic design, copywriting and more. For example, when searching for a social media manager, you will know that this person has a concept of all three activities mentioned above. And that can only bring positives for your team.

4. Knows how to present himself properly

A personal statement on a CV is a key element, as this is the first thing employers will read. This summary includes the applicant's experience, his/her education and what he or she is looking for.

If the résumé is too long, you probably won't pay any attention to it. But if it's short and gives the most important information about the candidate, then bingo! This is someone who knows how to present himself and make a good impression.

This section should always be as relevant as possible to the job a person is applying for, so keep an eye out for keywords related to your job ad.

5. He's good at decision-making

If a person wants to advance their career, they will have to make some decisions along the way. The way candidates make and provide these decisions is the key to determining whether they are good at specific situations.

For some people, it may be a natural experience, while others have to make efforts to become good at decision-making. Either way, it's important to keep an eye out for this keyword in CVs because it can distinguish good candidates.

If somewhere they mentioned how making a specific decision led them to their previous job, or why they have left it, it’s an indicator of someone who knows how to make decisions.

6. Knows how to communicate

Communication is one of the skills that each candidate should have in their CV, as it highlights how he or she is doing in dealing with people. Even for jobs where work is from home, good communication skills will be needed at a certain level.

Along with this goes the ability of the candidate to be a good listener. It's an advantage that's not to be missed. Always look for skills for good written communication in the candidate's CV. They can be fundamental in their career as they help with stress in the workplace and help build lasting relationships with colleagues.

If you reach the interview phase, pay attention to the candidate's body language. How he behaves, how he talks - whether he interrupts or listens to you. Thanks to these things, you will understand a lot about the person standing opposite you.




Finding the best candidates is definitely a task that requires the necessary time and knowledge. When you have a good eye for specific qualities, you will be able to easily filter good CVs from non-professional ones.

With the help of our article, you will keep in mind these qualities when reviewing another candidate's CV. Don't forget that the interview is the real part of the recruitment process, so prepare your best questions for it.

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