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How to motivate remote workers in 5 easy steps

Do you find it difficult to motivate employees who work from home in times like these? A lack of motivation among employees is a common issue most employers face, it became apparent with the ...

Published: 03/01/2023


Do you find it difficult to motivate employees who work from home in times like these? A lack of motivation among employees is a common issue most employers face, it became apparent with the beginning of COVID-19 and continues to this day.

Many companies around the world have already managed to adapt to these major changes in the way of working that allow the use of remote and hybrid models. According to studies, 70% of employees worldwide work remotely at least once a week. They have complete freedom to choose their home, co-working space, a nice cafe, or a cozy hotel in the heart of the mountains as their workplace for the day.

However, one big challenge remains - how to motivate and manage your team remotely. Today Jobbri will share with you the five most effective steps to motivate remote workers.

Why motivation is important for remote workers

We all know what we have encountered over the past two years - the global pandemic, Brexit, the war between Russia and Ukraine (which is still ongoing) etc. This has had lasting consequences on all businesses and their work structure. Work from home, as well as the hybrid work model, has become preferred by the majority of the population because of their convenience and flexibility.

For the work process to run smoothly, your employees need to be kept motivated with the help of various methods. This will encourage them to do their job well, meet deadlines and keep trying their best, whether they are lying on the couch at home or somewhere in nature.


1. Communication is key

When you cannot meet up with someone every day at the office, it's essential for you to find a way to communicate with that person daily. Fortunately, you can do that easily with the aid of all online platforms. There you can organize an online meeting and discuss work-related matters.

Texts and phone calls could also work, but if you want to keep an eye on each of your employees, weekly team meetings are necessary. You will find many free or relatively cheap video calling applications such as Zoom, RingCentral Video, LifeSize, Cisco WebEx and many more. Virtual meetings can help employees feel more connected to their colleagues and keep them motivated to perform as well as possible. Don't forget to add a little humor to your conversations to brighten up the situation and remind people around you that you can have fun too.

2. Employee Engagement Software 

The Employee engagement software is one of the easiest ways to motivate all remote workers. These programs have a system with unique features, like automatically recognising employees and rewarding them with various awards, organising online company parties, and giving feedback.

Depending on the application, you can take advantage of scoreboards, employee engagement surveys and analyses. The combination of data can encourage employees to put in maximum effort and can help reward their work. Another key factor is that the platform helps all remote workers feel more connected to their colleagues and superiors. Check out the best softwares for the United Kingdom here: 

3. Online competitions

Want to motivate your colleagues while having fun? Well, competitions will definitely do the trick. Whether you organize them at work or online, they are one of the most classic ideas you can go for. Although most of the people in a team are friendly with each other, when it comes to a competition, everyone wants to win. This will encourage a remote worker to try their hardest and pursue the best possible results for their department. Having an audience will further stimulate participants. Here are some ideas for office competitions:

· Who will attract the most customers in one month

· Who will close the sale / deal with the highest value

· Who will present the best results (or have the best performance) for their department

4. Show that you trust your employees 

Establishing a stable professional relationship is necessary if you want your employees to trust you. This process is two-sided - you also need to show them that you trust them and know what they are capable of.

Your display of trust will motivate them to work harder and perform better. You will need to pay a little more personal attention to those employees who work from home. Send them messages at least once a week, praise them when their work is submitted on time and done well. Remember to give the necessary feedback with pros and cons to inspire the employee to work even better. Regular feedback is crucial because it helps maintain balance between expectations, goals, and the fulfillment of a task.

Entrust them with projects you think they would be able to take on, as well as clients they could communicate with while working from home. People appreciate these gestures, and this will certainly improve their performance. Show them that you have enough faith in their abilities to complete the task efficiently and accurately.

5. Online employee of the month

The Employee of the Month award is one of the most reliable ways to motivate employees. These programs show teams that their work is appreciated and that the one who performs best deserves the first place. Do it online - at the end of each month, evaluate the achievements of each remote worker and reward the one who deserves it the most. You can use a virtual badge to decorate the profile picture of the winner or give them a virtual prize, such as a funny Photoshop collage or a greeting card.




Working from home requires elevated levels of self-discipline, concentration, and motivation. However, many employees suffer from a lack of inspiration when working outside the office.

Good leaders can predispose their employees and create favorable conditions for them to work at home, motivating them to always perform at a prominent level. Our tips will help you get fresh ideas and make sure that your employees always work with enthusiasm.

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