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Career change at 40 – what are your opportunities?

Your age is just a number, and it should never stop you from pursuing your dreams! Are you considering a career change at 40? Then you have to prepare yourself for the unexpected.

Published: 03/01/2023

Your age is just a number, and it should never stop you from pursuing your dreams! Are you considering a career change at 40? Then you have to prepare yourself for the unexpected.  

This is a long journey that might be extremely difficult, but with the right guidelines you will have the opportunity to find the best workplace to ever exist.

If you are considering a career change after the age of 40, this article is especially for you! We will give you some tips on how to choose the best career path for you and why changing jobs might be the most delightful choice you've ever made.

Career change in your 40s

In the past few years, a lot of people seem to be having an increase in their self-esteem around their 40s. If you feel confident enough to conquer the world, then why your job should stop you from doing this?

Career change shouldn't scare you – it might be a great opportunity for you, and you will be surprised how many new people you're going to meet and what skills you're going to learn.

Once you know what you're up to, you'll feel relieved.

Why changing jobs might look difficult at first glance

Your life is going to feel different when you're 20 and when you're 40. The older you get, the more responsibilities that could solidify this transition might occur.

By the age of 40, you are likely to have a family, a dwelling place and a car. This means that you will need to get a job that will pay you enough to cover all of your costs. That could cause stressful situations, as you're responsible for more people than just for yourself.

With that in mind, you should choose carefully and hope to get the best job position out there.


How to find the right fit for you

Finding the best fit for you might look tough, but it's totally possible. First you have to make sure you’re not discouraged by the difficulties that might come. If you choose to take this path, consider that you will need a well-paid job to feel secure enough.

It can take a little longer, but it will be worth it, we promise you. Here's what you have to think about before looking for a new job.

1.  Be sure that you’re ready

As mentioned above, a career change might be difficult and unsteady, so you have to be ready for uncertain times. Don't lose faith and believe in yourself - you're capable of doing anything you desire to!

2. Create a plan and gather information

There're a lot of possibilities for the future. This is the reason you will need a plan with detailed information about the possible outcomes. Isolate all negative thoughts and be optimistic about what's lying ahead.

3. Use your previous work experience

The best thing about your working experience is that you're not starting from scratch. You probably have a lot of hidden talents, professional skills and qualifications. They will help you when looking for a new job. Do you want to stay in the same field, just another position or do you want to do a 180-degree turn?

You will know how to act in interviews and how to look more confident in every possible situation. This will be your secret weapon.

4. Take your time to think and let go of fear

After you've decided which path to take, you will have some obsessive and stressful thoughts. What if you fail? What if you don't earn enough money? What if your family and friends don't support you? All these “what-ifs” are inappropriate and shouldn't stop you from fulfilling your dreams.

Many people over 40 have families to take care of and financial obligations such as mortgages and car payments. If you want to be successful, no matter what career you choose, you must always think about your family and work for a greater purpose.

Once you've achieved what you've worked for all your life, it can be extremely difficult to leave. Still, if you feel under pressure, remember that your heart knows the best and you should always listen to it. You're working as a teacher, but want to become a world-known cook? Then go for it! Be brave enough to follow your dreams.

You can prepare for success by identifying potential obstacles and thinking about how to overcome them before you need to. This will help you with overcoming your work-related fears.

5. Update your CV

Once you've identified where you want to go and what you're looking for, it's time to update your CV. Yes, this is very much needed, as you've gained new skills over the years and your work experience has increased. Outline your positive sides, any extra qualifications you have and why you chose to change your career path at 40.

Be confident and trust the process.




It's never too late to change your job – all you need is some fortitude and positive thoughts. Never let age stop you from rediscovering yourself and setting a goal for your and your family's future. You might be surprised by the final outcome.

Are you considering a career change, but you're unsure of the opportunities ahead of you? Jobbri has your back! We will help you find the best position and apply for it within seconds.