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Career building jobs after university

University is over – so what now? That's a question we've asked ourselves at least once in our lifetime.

Published: 10/02/2023

University is over – so what now?

That's a question we've asked ourselves at least once in our lifetime. As technology advances and a variety of new professions emerge, there are many opportunities to develop your career after graduation.

This can lead to a sense of confusion among many of you, but don't worry - even if you don't find the right career from the first try, it's very likely that it will find you itself.

The first step is to recognize your strengths and then - to choose professions of interest. If you're not sure how to figure out your personality, our personality test will do the work.

After you already have a clear idea of yourself and your desires, you can get acquainted with the best career opportunities this year. In this article, Jobbri will share its top 5 career building jobs after university, so keep reading.

1. Data science

This is a perfect career opportunity for people who have a pronounced passion for mathematics and have statistical skills. If you choose this profession, you will work in cooperation with different departments to make your work as effective as possible.

To get a job in this field, you need to enroll in a data science course and get skills such as data visualization, programming languages, high-level mathematics and more.

On the Internet you will find a variety of offers for such courses, which will help you get the qualifications you need for this job. If you are looking for open positions in this area, you can review our suggestions.

2. Digital marketing

Digital marketing has made a real furor over the last few years. And quite normal - it's advertised everywhere on the Internet. Flexible work that can be done from home - what else can a UK citizen want?

This type of marketing is one of the best opportunities to start a career after graduation for all who like to spend time online. To date, more than half of UK companies are turning to digital marketers to help them grow their businesses.

The most common digital marketing jobs are SEO and SEM specialist, advertising expert at Facebook, Instagram and Google, social media account manager, and content creator on video platforms such as TikTok and YouTube.

Digital marketing courses can be found in the most popular social networks, offered by marketing experts who know how to grow businesses. Explore the most relevant options for you and trust the specialists in this field. The funds you can earn in the long run are more than satisfactory.


3. Human resources

It's a profession that's needed almost everywhere in the world. Human resources specialists are responsible for the entire recruitment process and are of great help to companies that don’t have time for this. Have you ever thought about working in this field?

Human resources specialists are responsible for everyday tasks such as recruiting new employees, processing documents for termination and starting work, preparing compensation packages and bonding teams in each department.

These people provide training/development plans tailored to each employee; plan analyses of each worker's performance with managers and report on the progress of each team. In this job you can find a lot of perspective for development. You can contact professionals on LinkedIn so they can offer you the appropriate training.

4. Interior design

Interior design is number 4 in our list. A profession that occupies an important place in the development of the world. How can you design your new home without the help of an interior designer?

This is someone who needs to explore, plan and coordinate projects related to homes, offices and buildings around the world. Interior design is extremely attractive to those who bring creativity within themselves.

You can complete a bachelor's degree in interior design, but also enroll on an intensive course. If you are excited about choosing colors, lighting and furniture in one room, then this work is the right for you. The potential gain in this area largely depends on the popularity of the work.

To earn as much as possible, you need to build a name that is recognised by everyone. Of course, you will also need a license to practice it. This is quite possible with the right course in interior design. Then it’s up to you to create a unique portfolio and a circle of loyal customers.

5. Product Management

Developments in this field seem most promising at this time. The need for a qualified and experienced product management team in different industries is more important than ever.

Product management teams ensure that a product is well designed and its performance is at a top level. They communicate with consumers and include their requirements for the creation of products, which turns them into the audience's favourites.

There are a variety of career opportunities after graduation in this area. You can take a course again to make sure you know all the subtleties. You will find many options for such courses online.




The university is already far behind you, and life won't wait for you. Starting a career may seem difficult and uncertain, but it’s an inevitable part of our lives. That’s why it’s important to know your interests and strengths, as well as to be familiar with the most popular professions in the UK. With the help of our blog articles you will find the place where you truly belong.

You've just graduated from your Masters and are wondering “where to now”? If you have a specific idea, you can try your luck in an internship program at a famous company. At Jobbri you will find a lot of open positions across the UK.

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